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Kids Club Direct is an innovative new software package which gives existing or developing playgroup clubs all the tools and information they need to be a successful whilst achieving the necessary quality standards.


The development of Kids Club Direct coincides with the Government's National Childcare Strategy, which has committed 220 million over the next three years to deliver quality out of school clubs throughout Britain.


Our Software Engineers worked on their Application Processing Database system, which was written in Visual Basic 6.0.



The Gus and Argos group is a major customer of Graham Technology with GT-X running Telemarketing and Order Processing across all channels.  The recent introduction of GT-X powered Argos Online retailing resulted in a tenfold increase in sales.


Our Software Engineers have worked on several GUS/GT-X projects including the Messaging Component system which was developed in Graham Technology's Glasgow headquarters.



Working together with Lombard & Ulster Bank and Graham Technology, our Software Engineers developed a Postcode Look-Up Service Object for a GT-X platform.


UNIX C++ was used to facilitate the communication between these two software packages.



A leading Scottish furniture manufacturer who offer a diverse range of Office and Home furniture.  Morris Furniture furnished the QE2 refit and furnished the Gleneagles Hotel, among others.


Our Software Engineers are working with Morris to improve their Dialler Interface System.  This involves the use of Visual C++, as well as the GT-X development environment.


Our Software Engineers have recently been working onsite with ScottishPower, a major Scottish Utility with links in England (Manweb) and the US (Pacificorp).


Our first project involved the development of a communication component between GT-X and the Web (ASP pages).


We also recently worked on a project with Calanais and ScottishPower to administer their GTX UNIX systems, and make improvements to their current systems.



An exciting new start-up company, Blue Apple HR Solutions are based in Cardiff Bay, and needed an IT Infrastructure and business system.


AMK were delighted to build and install a server, PC's and the Software to enable Blue Apple to launch their new business.


The system is designed to enable remote access to the core database by Blue Apple consultants when they are away from the office, visiting customers and clients.


This highly successful Hotel and Restaurant, situated about five miles north of Brecon, needed to improve their contact and marketing information, which was held in a variety of data sources.  To provide flexibility and consistency, AMK have installed "Contact Manager".  This product, designed by AMK, enables details of customers, prospects and promotions to be held and managed in a user-friendly database, providing a basic form of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Contact Manager will provide filtered and selective information and is used for promotions, mail-merging and report writing.